Aether Shroomery Vegan Microdose Capsules 1000mg

Aether Shroomery presents their vegan capsules for microdosing enthusiasts.

Created with love & care, their products use only the best ingredients from ethical sources and passionate professionals across Canada. Every product is made in small batches ensuring only the highest of quality.

One of their goal is to teach people how to use psychedelic mushrooms effectively to their advantage. With knowledge and understanding that can only come from experiences, our team is dedicated in showing people that there is so much more to psychedelic mushrooms than just having a good time on the weekend with friends.

The 100mg variant is made for people who are new to microdosing, or more sensitive to it!

For a bigger those check out the 200mg variation!

Content of package: 10 vegan capsules (100mg dried P. cubensis per capsule)
Capsule content: 100mg dried psilocybe cubensis
Total dried mushroom content: 1000mg (1 gram)  

Suggested Usage: Take one capsule every three days.

For more information and guides visit The Aether Shroomery

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In stock

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