Explore our curated selection of amazing flowers! In need of some energizing sativa strains for your morning run? Maybe some intense Indica experience after a long day? Something in between? Look no further! You will find the strain you are looking for at a very affordable price! Check out our OZ Specials for more discounts! Now free same-day delivery to Oakville and Mississauga!

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Jungle Punch (AA+) OZ Special


Chemdawg (AAA+)


Black Domina (Craft AAAA+)


Cherry Pie (AAA)


Hash Plant (AAA)


Wedding Crasher (AAA)


Oreoz (AAA)


King Sherb (AAA+)


Mint Chocolate Gelato (AAA)


Slurricane (AAA+)


Blackberry Diesel (AAA)


Crystal Pink (AAA+)


Pink Ice (Craft AAAA+)


Wagyu (Craft AAAA+)


Featured Craft AAAA Mix and Match Half-Ounce


Featured Craft AAAA Mix and Match Ounce


AAA Mix and Match Half-Ounce


AAA Mix and Match Ounce


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