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How can I order from you?

You can order from us, once you are a member of our membership club.

How can I join your membership club?

We are an invitational only club, thus a member need to give you his/her referral code, or referral link you can use to register.

Where can I find my referral code / referral link?

Both of these can be found under your account page.



Do you deliver to my address?

It depends on. Our operation area is the GTA with a few boundaries. We have a nice map, on which you can check it out!

When will I receive my order?

It depends on whether it’s a weekday or a Saturday.

On weekdays, Monday to Friday, you will receive your delivery between 6pm and 9pm. On Saturdays you will receive it between 6pm and 9pm.

We are closed on Sundays.


Will I receive my order today?

If you place your order before 5pm weekdays, 5pm Saturdays, we will delivery it to you same day, if you place it after these hours, we will process your order on the next business day.


Referral Program?

If you invite a new member who orders from us and the order is completed, then you can redeem your referral reward, which is a free Q of your choice or a free edible.

How can I redeem my referral reward?

With your next order at the checkout just add a note for us to check for your referral reward, and give us the name of the item you want to receive 🙂

What can I redeem?

  • You can redeem any flowers from our shop or any THC edible
  • Unfortunately at the moment you can’t redeem any mushroom products or vape pens, carts, batteries

Do you have a reward point system?

Yes, of course we do!

For every purchase that is completed, you receive one point for every $70 you spent with us.

For example, if you buy $210 worth of goodies, you will receive 3 points.

How can I check my reward point balance?

On your receipt you receive there is a bonus point section. That shows you how many store credits you have currently.

If you lose the receipt just write us an email and we will quickly check it for you!

How can I redeem my reward points?

Just leave the name of the goodie you want to receive with your order in the order note!

Reward Point Rules

  • You can only redeem 10 points with each order
  • 10 points worth either any Q of your choice from our current selection, or one THC or CBD edible
  • You have to reach the minimum order limit
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