Dames 3000mg Green Apple Mushroom Gummy


Dames Gummy Co. brings you their 3000mg psilocybin mushroom infused gummies. Double the dose, double the fun and responsibility! Intended for experienced users, these delectable fruit flavoured treats allow you to relish the therapeutic benefits psilocybin has to offers with it’s consistent micro-dosing formula.

Enjoy the relaxed and euphoric vibes of psilocybin with Dames Gummy Co.’s exquisite fruit flavoured gummies. Like all Dame’s gummies they’ve crafted the perfect recipe for these euphoric goody’s without the bitter and awful aftertaste of dried mushroom’s. Unlike dried mushroom’s you’ll find these easy on your tastebuds and tummy too. The essence of these shroom micro-dosed edible gummies will have you feeling uplifted, illuminated, and cheerful.



corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, pectin, coconut oil, carnauba wax, psilocybin extract.


3000mg total psilocybin extract

12 pieces per bag


In stock


In stock

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