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Pink Ice (Craft AAAA+)

30% Sativa / 70% Indica

THC: 25-27%

We are happy to introduce our Craft / AAAA series!

Pink Ice is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between Pink Kush and the Ice strain by Nirvana seeds. Pink Ice inherits most of its characteristics from its parents. 

Pink Ice inherits its appearance from its Ice lineage. The flowers are round, calyx shaped and sparsed between each other.

Pink hairs can be spotted emerging from around the nugs and a blanket of trichomes cover the green-pink mixture to give this strain a milkfish white glow. The trichome cover in this strain is very heavy and gives it an icy appearance. That’s where pink “ice” comes from.

The aromas present in this strain are reminiscent of oranges, limes, and lemons. You may also be able to pick out some hints of spice and earthiness.

The effects are typical of strong indicas; strong body effects causing a couch lock effect. Waves of deep relaxation sweep through the body sweeping away tiredness and muscle tensions. The THC ensures great mental stimulation as well. Patients have described this as mild bursts of mental energy that changes one’s perceptions of time and space. This is accompanied by feelings of excitement and euphoria. It will be interesting to watch the shyest person transform into the life of the party and engage in social talk and excitement.

People suffering from depression and chronic stress can use this strain to improve their systems and get a “deserved break” from low moments.

Flavours: Citrus, Sweet, Spicy, Earthy

Effects: Relaxing, Body High, Calm, Relaxation

Might Relieve: Depression, Chronic Stress, Appetite Loss

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