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Cotton Candy Kush (AAA) OZ Special

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55% Sativa / 45% Indica

THC: 18%-21%

Cotton Candy Kush is a hybrid cross of landrace indica Afghani and perennial sativa favorite Haze. It was originally produced by the Vancouver Island-based Federation Seed Company and although it’s no longer actively bred, clones of the plant continue to change hands in the region. The well-balanced effects come on quickly, elevating mood and stimulating cerebral activity. This thoughtfulness is soon accompanied by a creeping feeling of body melt that can help users move more slowly and breathe more easily without totally immobilizing them. This stain can also help medical cannabis patients by easing aches and pains. The flowers have the dank, hashy smell that you’d expect of an Afghani-derived crossbreed.

Flavours: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Skunky, Sour, Woody

Effects: Cerebral, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sociable, Uplifting

May Relieve: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, Mood Swings, Nausea, Stress


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In stock