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Sweet Berry

Unlike most sativa hybrids, Sweet Berry is free of adrenaline like side effects and leans more towards the relaxed aspects of the strain. Because of this, it is perfect for anyone looking for a dash of focus right away without getting the racing thoughts that can sometimes accompany strains of this kind. Artists have favored Sweet Berry for its ability to clear the mind and kick up their creative juices. This surge in energy is joined by an almost unexpected body calm that will carry you through the day.


Fatigue and depression stand no chance against this strain as it is widely known to soothe the mind while still invigorating the user. Cases of mild to moderate pain can also benefit from the CBD in the strain, giving it a leg up in both flavor and usage. This is an easy bud that new or novice users love for its smokability, but if you have any breathing conditions such as asthma or emphysema try this as candy or butter for sweet relief.

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