Parachute Edibles Matcha White Chocolate 240mg


A blend of organic high grade Matcha green tea powder and creamy white chocolate come together to create this delicious bar. Both rich and earthy, if you are a fan of Matcha, you will definitely be a fan of this!

Directions/Suggested Use:
Tolerance may vary. It is recommended to eat half a square of infused chocolate and wait up to 2 hours to feel its effects before consuming more. The experience can last several hours.


white chocolate (sugar, cocoa fat, dry whole milk, soy lecithin as emulsifier, natural vanilla flavour), matcha green tea powder, delta-9 THC distillate. 

What’s In The Package

  • 24 pieces per bar
  • Each piece contains 10mg of THC
  • Each bar contains 240mg of THC


In stock


In stock

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