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Gorilla Glue

Classified as a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain, Gorilla Glue’s genetic makeup consists of 70% sativa and 30% indica.

This hybrid’s genetics primarily reign from two fan-favorite strains; Chem’s Sister (sativa) and Chocolate Diesel (sativa), with a little Sour Dubble (hybrid) thrown in.

Although one might expect Gorilla Glue’s effects to be uplifting and energizing due to a sativa dominance in genetics, this cannabis strain surprisingly often causes the opposite. Instead, expect couch-locking effects that stick you in place as your body melts into a deep relaxation. Because of this, Gorilla Glue is often considered a wonderful after-work strain and isn’t so much a motivational day-time cannabis. You will likely feel happiness and euphoria after taking that first hit of Gorilla Glue, although don’t expect mad giggles, simply an internal contentment that arises deep within and starts to sprout out to the surface of your being.

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