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Citrix OZ Special

Citrix is a sativa-leaning hybrid that imparts dynamic citrus flavor alongside a productive but not overpowering high.

The flowers burst with citrus aroma, there are notes of fresh orange peel along with an underlying tartness, courtesy of parent strain Grapefruit Notably, this strain has little to none of the hashy, skunky notes usually present in mostly indica strains. When combusted, Citrix burns with a smooth, even smoke and tastes like a tropical melange of orange, pineapple, and grapefruit on the exhale, with just a hint of pine.

Citrix has a high that doesn’t hesitate to make itself known. Initial effects are observable as a soaring euphoria and a boost in energy levels. As users adjust to these mood-altering effects, they may feel giddy if they find themselves in social situations. Alternatively, they may find the motivation needed to accomplish a long list of tasks and responsibilities.

It also has medical applications, primarily for mental health patients. The strain’s mood-boosting effects can help temporarily alleviate mild to moderate stress and depression, clearing away distractions and helping them to live more fully “in the moment.”

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