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Chocolope (AA+) OZ Special

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95% Sativa – 5% Indica

THC Level: 18-21%

The mental high of Chocolope takes hold quickly. Users may notice a buzzy head high that soon morphs into an altered way of thinking. With virtually none of the heavy body stone associated with hybrids or indicas, Chocolope’s effect is motivating and energizing. Although it’s cerebral and thought-provoking, this strain allows the user to maintain a mostly clear and level head. Well suited to daytime use, it can easily accompany household tasks or more extensive errands. Medically speaking, Chocolope’s acute sense of focus can be good for those with attention deficit disorders. The emotional high and general sense of well-being may also be helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and even symptoms associated with PTSD. 

Flavours: Chocolate, Coffee, Sweet, Vanilla

Effects: Energising, Happy, Creative, Euphoria

Medical Benefits: Depression, Stress, Nausea

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Out of stock

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