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Blueberry Punch

80% Indica – 20% Sativa

With this bud, the name says it all in terms of the flavor – Blueberry Punch packs a potent hit of super sweet blueberries and spicy pine. The aroma is of earth and pine with a spicy herbal overtone that’s accented by a rich blueberry overtone that sweetens as the nugs are burned. The Blueberry Punch high is just as lifting as the flavor, with effects that will have you uplifted and energized, running through your to-do list with ease after just a toke or two. You’ll feel an influx of focus and motivation that leaves you ready to tackle anything and everything that comes your way with ease and a jump in your step. 

Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Fruity

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, Hungry

Medical Benefits: Pain, Stress, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia, Depression

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