What are the coupons that are available for Black Friday Discounts?

If you spend $120 you can use BFPEX20 to get 20% off
If you spend $300 you can use BFPEX25 to get 25% off
If you spend $420 you can use BFPEX30 to get 30% off

PLUS every order comes with freebie(s)!

What kind of freebie(s) can I expect?

We will add minimum one item worth at least $20. The item(s) depends on your order total and the type of items.

We always thrive to add the best-fitting item! 🙂

Can I apply multiple coupons?

No, unfortunately not, you can use one coupon on one order!

How many times can I use these coupons?

As many times as you want before they expire.

When does these deals expire?

We will say goodbye to this banger of a deal on 2023.11.26.!

I have an urgent questions about this deal!

We are running a chat service, if you look in the bottom right corner of your screen you will see a little green bubble with a message icon.

Click / Tap that and have a chat with us!

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