What kind of deals do you have for me?

We offer the following discounts and freebies:
Order $100-$199: 10% off of your total purchase
Order $200-$399: 20% off of your total purchase + 1 Gift
Order $400+: 30% off of your total purchase + 2 Gifts

How do I claim the discount?

Discounts are added automatically based on your cart total.

How can I redeem my Gift(s)?

You can redeem them on the checkout or on your cart page.

Just click / tap the add to cart button next to the gift you would like and it’s done!

There is a set list of items you can pick your goodie from.

We included 7-gram pack of Shrooms and Flowers, Shroom and THC Edibles as well!

When will these deals expire?

It will expire on 2023.04.30. at 23:59.

We are also giving out 5x$100 coupon!

To participate you just have to spend minimum $200 with us!

The pick of the lucky winners will happen on the 1st of May!

Keep an eye on your phone and emails!

I have an urgent questions about this deal and I want an answer now!

We are running a chat service, if you look in the bottom right corner of your screen you will see a little green bubble with a message icon.

Click / Tap that and have a chat with us!

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